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A new kind of membership software

A VeryConnect system gives you the advantages of Software as a Service, together with the benefits of tailored features. It is a tried and tested off-the-shelf solution completely configured to your needs.

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Marion Anderson
"Having worked with the VeryConnect team since 2014, I know first-hand that they put their customers first. It is clear that they are experts in their field, and that they care about ensuring a great customer experience. They are reliable, friendly, and above all they listen to your needs and always strive to deliver the solutions that are right for you. I would recommend VeryConnect to any alumni association looking for proven alumni management software paired with great guidance and delivery". 

Marion Anderson, Careers Service, University of Glasgow

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Our Values


Our technical team is passionate about providing the best quality membership software you can get. An ever-improving product is core to our strategy.


We help our clients become more efficient and we are always striving to to improve our own processes to deliver the best software, faster.


We believe that strong communities have great benefits for individuals and society - locally, nationally and internationally.


We are driven by seeing our clients succeed. We are proud to help our clients save time, increase member engagement, and improve the bottom line.


We work together with all of our clients, from pre-sales advice to designing development roadmaps and giving ongoing support. 


Expertise is at our core. Our founders are world-class software engineers with decades of experience in development, requirements analysis, and project management.

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